Giving justice - the employment tribunal for whistleblowing

For every whistle blower, there is a level of maximum protection for such person, so that all parties involved would be fair and transparent in the matter.

Whilst there may be chances to wrongly usurp justice in cases like this by the employer or dubious employee, there are established employment tribunal whistleblowing founded to provide desired justice and fair hearing.

The employment tribunals help to ensure that the whistleblowing laws are upheld.

If you are a whistleblower who is apprehensive – you don’t have to worry anymore as the employment tribunal is there to protect your rights. However note that the illicit activity you disclose must be in the public interest, which is to mean that it must affect others, fundamentally the general public.

The whistle blowing tribunals help to protect the workforce by guaranteeing they are not shortchanged or physically abused or worse lose their job when they take the bold step to ‘blow the whistle’.

The whistleblowing tribunals protect you if you are an employee, whether as a police agent, blue collar or white collar employee, factory worker, a trainee, health worker, a nurse, amongst all others that define your place as a member of staff of such organization.

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